Teaching "Looking For Alaska"

             In order for students to appreciate this book and the rich discussion it can provide, it is probably best to read sections of this book and then have discussions about it.  At the end of the novel, students would be expected to try a creative project related to the group. 

             Student Choice Project: Looking For Alaska

 The student choice project would be done as homework and in groups of no more than 4 people.  The group itself can choose what delivery format it wants to present.  

·         For example, students could write a script and act out various scenes from the book on video and then play the video in class and turn in their script. 
·         Alternatively they could choose to incorporate a student-led discussion about one or more of the other authors referenced in the novel such as James Joyce, Robert Frost, Ernest Hemingway or Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  They would state in quotes how these authors are cited in Looking For Alaska, and then synthesize these quotes with their chosen authors views.  They would turn in their research notes and a written report.
·         Another idea is to incorporate some of the famous last words in the book and who spoke them, and the relevance to why they were incorporated into Looking For Alaska by Green.
·         A poem or short story may be submitted (3 separate drafts) to show how Looking For Alaska may have inspired another student-produced work.
·         Of course, as in all my expected classes, students would be able to come up with another alternative and submit a request for teacher approval.  They may not like any of the above choices and work independently in certain circumstances.

            Other ideas:  Several other lesson plans students can use for ideas can be found at:


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