Writing Style

John Green’s writing style is both simple and intellectual. While he uses an extensive vocabulary, and challenges the reader to think and focus on various topics, he still makes his meaning clear.

“When adults say, "Teenagers think they are invincible" with that sly, stupid smile on their faces, they don't know how right they are. We need never be hopeless, because we can never be irreparably broken. We think that we are invincible because we are. We cannot be born, and we cannot die. Like all energy, we can only change shapes and sizes and manifestations. They forget that when they get old. They get scared of losing and failing. But that part of us greater than the sum of our parts cannot begin and cannot end, and so it cannot fail.”

            The text can be intellectually dense, while still remaining completely readable and comprehendible by the young adult audience.

“Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia. (...) You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how you'll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present.”

            The text can also sneak up on you in the most pure emotional sense, while still remaining profoundly honest. Young adult readers are often off-put by the cheesiness of such moments. However, Looking for Alaska navigates those moments in a way that grips at the heart without causing the urge to vomit.

“I wanted so badly to lie down next to her on the couch, to wrap my arms around her and sleep. Not fuck, like in those movies. Not even have sex. Just sleep together in the most innocent sense of the phrase. But I lacked the courage and she had a boyfriend and I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating. So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was hurricane.”  

            Plus- it’s hilarious.

“It's not because I want to make out with her."
“Hold on." He grabbed a pencil and scrawled excitedly at the paper as if he'd just made a mathematical breakthrough and then looked back up at me. "I just did some calculations, and I've been able to determine that you're full of shit” 


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